Square9 Content Management

What is Document Management?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM), sometimes referred to as Document Management, is a cost-effective solution for improving the storage, management, and monitoring of documents relating to everyday business processes.

Benefits of Enterprise Content Management

Effortless Digital Conversion

Quickly transform your paper based documents into digital information that can be shared, mined and managed with far greater efficiency.

Immediate Access to Information

Save valuable time by giving your staff immediate access to information from anywhere at any time via a centralized repository for all your business content.  

Powerful Search & Retrieval

Use flexible search tools to locate records using any combination of keywords, phrases, address and more. With ECM it’s easy to find every file that matches your search criteria.  

Improved Team Collaboration

Increase collaboration with coworkers in or out of the office through a web-based platform that includes document routing and email notification.  

Enhanced Document Security

Protect your records with a granular security model that controls access to information, while tracking which users have viewed or modified a document.  

Reduced Storage Requirements

Eliminate offsite storage costs and make better use of your office space by eliminating paper-based filing systems.  

Enforced Regulatory Compliance

Protect your organization with established record retention practices that ensure you’re always in compliance with government regulatory mandates.  

Defined Business Processes

Ensure your policies and procedures are followed by developing workflows that define process flow while notifying users of required actions and tracking related activity.  

Disaster Recovery Planning

With your records digitally secured it’s easy to protect them against theft, fire or natural disaster, while ensuring business continues as usual.